By Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center
June 12, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dentures restore your smile and help you maintain good oral and general health. Holland, MI, dentists Drs. Ryan Lebster and Jose Vivas denturesof Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center offer effective restoration options for patients who have lost their teeth or are facing tooth loss. If you're not sure if dentures are right for you, you may want to consider these four benefits.

Dentures help you look your best

Like it or not, people judge you on the quality of your smile. In fact, 48 percent of people surveyed in an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey said they considered a smile the most memorable feature of people they had just met. Missing teeth may affect your self-esteem and even your job prospects in Holland. Dentures restore your smile and just may help boost your self-esteem.

Speaking clearly is easier with a full set of teeth

Have you ever noticed that people who have missing teeth have trouble pronouncing some sounds? Your lips, tongue and teeth work together to produce clear speech. When teeth are missing, you're more likely to slur some words and may not be able to pronounce others. Once you receive your dentures, you'll probably discover that communication becomes much easier.

Your nutrition will improve when you replace your teeth

Eating a varied diet is necessary for good health. Unfortunately, if all or most of your teeth are missing, it's difficult to enjoy a piece of chicken or a healthy helping of vegetables. Although soft foods are certainly an option, a diet that consists solely of soup, pudding and other soft foods may not provide the vitamins and nutrients you need. Dentures restore your ability to chew, improving your nutrition.

You can choose from a variety of denture options

Full dentures aren't the only choice available in Holland if you want to replace missing teeth. Immediate, partial and implant-supported dentures are also options. Implant-supported dentures are supported by titanium implants that bond to your jawbone. The dentures don't slip and offer increased biting power.

Are you ready to find out which denture option is right for you? Call Holland, MI, dentists Drs. Ryan Lebster and Jose Vivas of Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center at (616) 399-3946 to schedule your appointment.