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May 11, 2015
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For years, you have wanted a straighter looking smile but are reluctant to pursue cosmetic treatment. Now, an accident on the softball field has chipped two teeth right in the front of your mouth. Do you have to resort to elaborate dental restorations?Veneers

Porcelain veneers cover and shore up damaged teeth.

Your Holland, Michigan dentist has a budget-friendly and beautiful way to restore your smile. Dental veneers are small, tooth-shaped and tooth-colored shells of very thin porcelain. Also called laminates, veneers are strong, last for years and are perfect for covering teeth that are:

  • stained from foods, drinks or cigarette smoking
  • poorly spaced and have gaps
  • overlapping
  • yellowed from aging
  • chipped or have hairline cracks
  • are uneven in length or crooked
  • have noticeable wear from tooth grinding

The veneer procedure is minimally invasive and painless.

Your Holland, Michigan dentist is the best person to consult about whether porcelain veneers are right for you. The dentist will examine your teeth and discuss what you want to see change. While many individuals do well with veneers, some dental problems, such as complex orthodontic issues or extensive decay or gum disease, eliminate veneers as a cosmetic treatment.

If veneers are appropriate, the doctor will take a 1/2 mm thickness of enamel off the front side of the teeth to be covered. He or she will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental lab. There, a skilled technician will make a model and custom-fabricate veneers that are a natural-looking and attractive size, shape and color.

During the next appointment, the dentist will bond the veneers to your teeth, adjusting the shape and bite if necessary. The dentist may also adjust the color by varying the adhesive used. In this way, the most comfortable and lifelike fit, look and feel are achieved.

Aftercare for dental veneers

You should adjust to your new laminates relatively quickly. Some people do experience minor gum and/or tooth sensitivity after their procedures, but this soon resolves. Your Holland, Michigan dentist will want to recheck your veneers a week or so after placement to ensure gums and bite are fine.

As with natural teeth, your updated pearly whites will require brushing two times a day with a fluoride toothpaste and also daily flossing. Check-ups and cleanings should continue on your usual schedule or whatever your dentist advises. In addition, be gentle with your laminates. Don't chew ice or hard candies or open bottles or packaging with any of your teeth.

Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center

If you wonder who to consult about veneers in the Holland, Michigan area, look no further than Dr. Arnold Baker and Dr. Ryan Lebster at Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center. Doctors Baker and Lebster can examine your teeth and help you decide what restorative/cosmetic option is best for your smile. They want their patient's mouths to feel great and look good, too. Call for an appointment: 616-399-3946.