By Lakershore Dentistry & Implant Center
January 06, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Many patients want to know why their teeth still become stained even if they brush their teeth every day faithfully. We’re taught from a young age that all we have to do to maintain good dental health is to brush twice daily, but unfortunately brushing doesn’t resolve every issue. There are a few reasons why your teeth may be discolored despite good brushing habits, and all of them can be resolved by visiting Holland dentist Dr. Lebster for a consultation.

Tobacco Use
Smoking often can cause your teeth to stain even if you brush your teeth regularly. When you smoke, corrosive tar lands on the Tooth Brushteeth and stays there throughout the day. By the time you do brush, that tar may have already done damage to the enamel. The weaker the tooth enamel becomes, the easier it is for stains to set.

Trauma to the Tooth
If there has been a severe trauma to a tooth that causes the nerve inside of it to die, it could cause it to begin to change colors after some time. The nerve is what gives the tooth life and keeps it looking healthy. Brushing your teeth doesn’t have much of an effect when this happens because the discoloration is happening from inside of the tooth. Discoloration can be prevented by having a root canal done by your Holland dentist as soon as possible. The way to know the nerve inside of a tooth is “dead” is that you can’t feel any hot or cold sensations. 

Some medications have been associated with tooth staining. For instance, certain antibiotics like tetracycline can cause staining in teeth—particularly to young patients. Antibiotics and blood pressure medications have also been known to change the color of a patient’s teeth. Consult the side effects of any prescriptions you’re taking and discuss them with Holland dentist Dr. Lebster.

General Aging
The natural process of aging also causes teeth to stain. As the enamel wears down, the staining begins to occur at the dentin layer of the teeth. When this happens there’s not much that brushing can do to correct the problem. In this case talk to your dentist about getting veneers or crowns for a whiter smile. 

Whitening Solutions Are Available 
No matter the reason for your stained or discolored teeth, there is a solution that can make them whiter, brighter and more attractive. Options range from porcelain veneers to dental implants. Contact Holland dentist Dr. Lebster to discuss these options at (616) 399-3946 or visit for more dental education.