Lakeshore Dentistry's Professional Tooth Whitening System is a dramatic way to instantly change your smile and personality. Whitening is by far the most conservative treatment in dentistry with the most dramatic results. We offer 2 professional whitening systems: 

  • ZOOM whitening uses light therapy to accomplish the task in just one office visit. You may have seen this system used on the television program 'Extreme Makeovers.' 
  • Our custom-made whitening trays allow you to whiten in the privacy of your home with results in one to two weeks.

The materials used to whiten the teeth are safe and does not weaken the tooth structure in any way. Teeth are porous or have extremely small holes allowing material from coffee, cigarettes, tea or certain foods to be picked up by the teeth and stained. In general, as the teeth age they tend to darken as well.

Studies have shown that people associate age and general health with the appearance of a person's smile. Lakeshore Dentistry's Professional Tooth Whitening System is a fast, effective method to give you a more youthful healthy smile.

Q: Will whitening weaken the enamel on my teeth?

A: No. The whitening material will not affect the tooth structure at all. It simply oxidizes the material on and in the tooth leaving natural tooth structure.

Q: Should I use the whitening materials available from the store?

A: The store bought materials are good and they will whiten the teeth. However studies have shown that the regression back to darker shades occurs rapidly with the over-the-counter materials. Lakeshore Dentistry's Professional Tooth Whitening System uses much stronger materials that may only be perscribed by your dentist, resulting in faster, more thorough whitening. Additionally, custom dispensing trays are used with our Professional Tooth Whitening System to hold the whitening material intimately on all the teeth for efficient and effective whitening of the front and back teeth. With Lakeshore Dentistry's Professional Tooth Whitening trays, touch-up whitening is easy and inexpensive.

Q: My teeth are sometimes sensitive to cold. Am I a candidate to whiten?

A: Yes. Less than 10% of our patients have experienced transient sensitivity to the material we use in our Professional Whitening System. For people with sensitive teeth, we use material that helps to strengthen the teeth and soothe the nerve. Any sensitivity that occurs with whitening is reversible and will go away with discontinuance of use.

Q: I have dark fillings or crowns on my teeth will they whiten?

A: Fillings and crowns are made to a specific shade. They may lighten slightly due to stains; however, they tend to stay the shade they are. If you have dark and unsightly fillings or crowns, why keep them? We can whiten your teeth and replace the old dark restorations.
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