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December 14, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out if this dental prosthesis is the best way to replace your missing teeth.

When it comes to your smile how you care for it is vitally important. When you are dealing with tooth loss you want to make the best and Denturesmost informed decision regarding your smile. Find out if dentures could be the best treatment for you or if our Holland, MI dentists Dr. Ryan Lebster, Dr. Jose Vivas and Dr. Arnold Baker have another tooth replacement option that could better fit your needs.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable teeth that are created to fit over your gums to replace missing natural teeth. Spaces where missing teeth once were can cause further problems down the road for your smile. Not only will it affect your ability to chew or speak but also at some point any teeth remaining will begin to shift into those gaps. The type of tooth loss you are dealing with will determine which type of denture is right for you:

Complete/full dentures: These dentures will replace all teeth on either your upper or lower jaw.

Partial dentures: These dentures are designed to replace one or several missing teeth.

Why should I consider getting dentures in Holland, MI?

Those dealing with tooth loss will discover that once they get used to wearing dentures speaking and eating is easier than it ever was without teeth. Not only that but dentures will greatly improve the appearance of your smile and with it boost your self-esteem.

Plus, if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to replace your missing teeth dentures is the best option for you. While it won’t offer the same benefits of other tooth replacement options like implants, getting implants can take up to a year to complete. For those looking for budget-friendly or time-sensitive treatment options dentures are the way to go.

You’ll never know what restorative dentistry can do for your smile until you turn to your dental professionals in Holland, MI. Let Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center give you back that healthy smile.