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February 04, 2016
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Will a Root Canal Save My Painful Tooth? Let a root canal relieve your pain.

A root canal, also called an endodontic procedure, can relieve your pain and go a long way toward preserving your tooth. In the past if a root canaltooth was damaged or painful, the tooth was taken out completely. Now, thanks to modern dental techniques, root canals are a common way to eliminate pain and save teeth. If you need a root canal, don’t go see just anyone. You need the best in the business, like the dentists at Lakeshore Dentistry in Holland, MI.

Why You Need Root Canals

Your tooth may need a root canal because it is infected from deep dental decay or has suffered trauma. You could have a dental abscess, causing pain and pressure and affecting your life.

Root canals relieve pain by removing the nerves and blood supply in an infected tooth. At Lakeshore Dentistry, you will experience comfort and confidence before, during, and after your root canal treatment.

The Root Canal Process

Your root canal treatment will probably take more than one visit, especially if you are in pain. At your first appointment, your Holland dentist will tooth open your tooth and clean it out using tiny files to remove the nerve and blood supply. Your tooth will then be filled with a temporary material. It sometimes takes time for your tooth to “calm down” to the point where the root canal can be completed.

At your second visit, your Holland dentist will make sure your pain is gone and will clean out and shape the inside of your tooth, preparing it for completion. Your dentist uses a rubbery material called gutta-percha to fill the inside of your tooth. The result is a tooth that is no longer painful, but still functional.

After your root canal is completed and you no longer have any painful symptoms or pressure, it is time to permanently restore your tooth. Your Holland, MI professional will suggest options available to you. Root canal treatment does make the tooth weaker and more susceptible to fracture, which is why a dental crown is often recommended to cover the tooth completely and strengthen it.

The First Step

Root canals are a common dental procedure to relieve pain and have become state-of-the-art. If you have a painful tooth, don’t suffer in silence! Call Lakeshore Dentistry and set up an appointment with its Holland, MI dentists. Get started today and feel better tomorrow!