Tooth Extractions

Our Holland dentists may recommend a tooth extraction if your condition calls for it. There are a few reasons a tooth might need to be removed, including:

  • Damage: If a tooth has become cracked or damaged beyond repair, tooth extraction might be the best solution.
  • Decay or infection: When decay is so severe that it cannot be treated with a filling or other treatment, the tooth must be removed.
  • Crowding: Sometimes a too-small mouth can cause overcrowded teeth. Removing select teeth can allow others to shift, resulting in a more even smile.
  • Impacting: If a tooth is trapped beneath bone or gums and is not emerging properly, it sometimes must be removed. This is usually the reason for wisdom tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction Process

There are two types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. Our team will tell you which type of extraction you will need. For example, we’ll refer you to an appropriate specialist if you need a surgical extraction. Otherwise, we handle simple tooth extractions right in our office.

If you need a simple extraction, we’ll numb the area around your tooth using a local anesthetic. Once your mouth is numb, our Holland dentists will use a tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth from its socket. They’ll then use forceps to extract the tooth from your mouth. During the procedure, you’ll feel pressure, but no pain.

Many patients have questions about tooth extraction pain. Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, discomfort is typically minimal and should let up after the first few days after your procedure.

Tooth Extraction Care

Tooth extraction recovery varies from patient to patient. Our dentists will go over how to care for the tooth extraction site and answer any questions you may have.

Our dentists will apply gauze to the area immediately after the procedure. As far as tooth extraction care goes, you will need to change the gauze yourself when it becomes soaked. For the first few days, limit your diet to soft foods and avoid the use of cigarettes or straws. If you experience heavy bleeding that does not stop within 24 hours of your tooth extraction, please contact our office immediately.

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