Do Night Guards Work?

August 3, 2020 Lakeshore Dentistry

night guards dentists holland miA night guard absorbs the force exerted by your jaws when you try to grind or clench your teeth. It then disperses that energy so you don’t wear down your enamel over time. This is important because once enamel is gone, it can’t grow back. While custom night guards may cost you some money out of pocket, it can save your smile in the long run.

Here’s how.

Prevents Injury From Bruxism

If you often wake up with jaw pain or experience tooth sensitivity, you may have bruxism and not even know it. Bruxism is a condition that causes a patient to grind or clench their teeth at night, often without their knowledge. Although, your partner may hear you grind your teeth at night. In fact, it may even wake them up!

There are many reasons why a patient may develop bruxism, such as an injury to the jaw, a TMJ disorder, or even stress. When you schedule an appointment with one of our dentists, they’ll be able to determine the cause of your teeth grinding.

The longer that you ignore symptoms of bruxism, the more you’re putting your oral health at risk. Patients with untreated bruxism may lose enamel, crack their teeth, or experience tooth loss.

A night guard prevents these types of injuries to the mouth by forming a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. A custom night guard is also made of tough but comfortable material that won’t break under the pressure.

Unlike night guards you can buy from the store, a custom night guard is fitted to the exact contours of your teeth and gums. That way, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to wear an uncomfortable oral appliance.

Saves Your Enamel

Enamel is the white outer layer of your teeth. As such, it protects the more sensitive layer of dentin that lies beneath. Dentin is made up of microscopic tubes that lead straight to your nerves. This is why people who have lost enamel may experience pain when they sip a cup of coffee or eat ice cream. They’ve lost some of their enamel and don’t have anything to protect the sensitive layer of dentin beneath.

When you wear a custom night guard, you’re protecting your enamel and preventing tooth sensitivity. It’s also worth mentioning that people who have lost tooth enamel are more vulnerable to cavities and other oral health issues.

Request an Appointment With Us

Do you often wake up with jaw pain? Do your teeth feel sensitive when you eat something hot or cold? If so, you may be grinding and clenching your teeth at night without even knowing it.

Your next step is to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists so they can diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate course of treatment. Depending on your situation, we may recommend a night guard for teeth grinding.

Our dentists in Holland, MI, would be more than happy to fit you into their schedule so you can find relief from your symptoms. To request an appointment, call the Lakeshore Dentistry & Implant Center at (616) 399-3946.